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Our journey began in 1991 with a simple dream of “Adding Life to Years and Years to Life”. Rooted in altruistic thinking and a love for India’s rich cultural and scientific heritage, Mr. SC Sehgal, Chairman and Managing Director, Ozone Group of Companies, started his entrepreneurial journey and founded Ozone Group of Companies.
“I am on a vision of enabling people across the world to live longer and better by adding years to their life and life to their years.”- Mr. S.C. Sehgal

With the same vision, the humble beginnings in the pharmaceutical industry spread its wings across sectors namely Beauty and Cosmetics, Food, Wellness and Skill Development. The notable point is that Ozone Group is a socially responsible company- ‘A Company of Thoughts’. Here all the work carries a unified vision of delivering quality and economic products that are accessible to all, adding years to people’s lives. Based on the same thought and vision, our pioneer product range, Kwik-Pain Relieving Oil was created. Mr. Sehgal believes that the amalgamation of Allopathy and Ayurveda can work wonders.
“Dard - Aaram se Nahi, Kwik se Jayega’

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Journey of Kwik Pain Relief 

Kwik Pain Relief is a range of pain relief products with an ethos of quick and instant pain relief as well as long-term pain management.  

Our pioneer product from this range - KWIK Pain Relieving Oil is prepared from the knowledge of Ayurveda and is immensely
helpful in providing relief for back pain, joint pain, shoulder pain, neck pain and all types of body pain. It consists of Maha Narayan Taila, Vish Garbha Taila, Brihat mash Taila, Kapoor, Capsicum, Pudina and many more Ayurvedic ingredients. 

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Kwik Pain Relieving Oil is specially formulated for elders keeping in mind safety, effectiveess and long-term condition improvement. Modern Life and age affect your body. As a result, pain in the waist, neck, shoulders, knees or back is disrupted and the rhythm of normal life is disrupted. Pain is a condition where only those who suffer from it can truly experience how it hampers their everyday life. And pain is especially prevalent and common for elders. Why let grandparents, parents or loved ones live in discomfort when they can be helped to manage their pain with strong and pain-free nerves, muscles and joints?! When aging knees are massaged daily with Ozone Kwik Pain Relieving Oil, you add more energy, flexibility and spirit to their pain-free life. Our formulation has been tried and loved by many and we take pride in its quality and potency.
Those who suffer from pain know that “Dard ko humse behtar kaun jaanta hai” and we introduce Kwik Pain Relieving Oil as a solution - “ Dard - Aaram se nahi..Kwik se Jayega”
In conclusion, we at Ozone, take pride in our formulations. People have found them effective, and we are grateful for the trust they have placed in us. We aspire to add life to years and years to life by making innovative life-saving therapies accessible to all. We want every individual to feel empowered to overcome setbacks and embrace new experiences.